BBQ Picnic on-the-go

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BBQ Picnic on-the-go

Trips, camping, get-togethers – all these are almost normal hobbies of people. And people spice these up with the food that they bring. Of course, when we talk about ‘picnic’ or ‘camping’ the first food that we think of bringing with us is, ‘barbecue’. It is almost an obligation to bring barbecues in times like this. There are a lot of BBQ area in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE wherein you can enjoy various BBQ recipes that you made from your own homes. But before taking off on an adventure, you have to know the basic essentials about grilling that you should take note of.

When purchasing or bringing a portable grill, you need to consider its weight and the location where you are going to have a picnic. You wouldn’t want to tag a heavy grill with you on the mountains, right? You should also look for easy-to-grip handles when buying a portable grill.

And of course, for the food to bring, choose the foods that you will bring wisely, those kinds that are ready to be grilled. If you buy meat of pork, choose the ones that have thinner cuts, for easy cooking.

Now here’s another list of BBQ picnic essentials that you need to bring on your trip:

  • Water for cleanup
  • Antibacterial hand wipes
  • Garbage bag
  • Tablecloth/blanket
  • Sunscreen
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Charcoal
  • Gas


But what if you want to have a BBQ party and at the same time, you don’t want to travel far with your family? What if you want to have it indoors? Are there such places? Are there restaurants that provide BBQ area in their vicinity, which are just located in Abu Dhabi or around UAE?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. At 1868 Restaurant Café and Art Gallery, we have BBQ area on our rooftop, dedicated to your grilling and party with your family, especially when the weather is nice.

Now, you can throw a BBQ party for your family and friends without having the need to travel and meet the hassles of having a picnic outside. You can do it on our BBQ area, and at the same time, we’ll serve and provide you all the necessary things you require for your party.


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