Classic Party Games for your Kid’s Birthday

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Classic Party Games for your Kid’s Birthday

We all know that planning a party for your kid’s birthday in Abu Dhabi requires too much attention regarding the materials, food, venue, etc., as well as the program and the kids’ activities throughout the event. As a parent, you want the party to be a success. You want to give your child a good time with his/her friends and relatives.

You don’t have to worry though because we, 1868 Restaurant, Café, and Gallery allows you to book a kid’s birthday party with us and we will provide you the venue and all other materials and things you need.  Aside from that, you can also book for a bridal shower or a graduation party, or any kinds of parties that you want. Our team will make sure that you will have a memorable time with your family and friends, and guarantee that it will go as smoothly as possible. We can serve sumptuous meals for you and fun kids’ activities in Khalifa City as well. Your kid’s birthday will be a blast with our help.

And to help you in your preparation, we have listed some party games that your kid and the children will enjoy. You can utilize them to make your kid’s birthday party more exciting and enjoyable.

Sock Mania

Get 2 players, facing each other. Put a pile of socks in front of them. In a span of 2 minutes, ask them to wear as many socks that they can, and when the time runs up count who has the most socks. The one with the highest number of socks worn wins.

Guess How Many

Fill a jar with candies, small toys, or balls. Give a piece of paper to each child and ask them to guess how many things are inside the jar. The child, who guesses closest to the real number of the toys, wins.


Have 10 children queued up in two lines. Place a variety of things or toys on a table. The 1st players on each line will then take one minute to stare it. After doing so, ask the player to turn around, and ask the 2nd players in the queue to ‘snatch’ something from the table. Then, the 1st players who stared at the things on the table will guess what was snatched, and the team who guessed as many right answers win.

Simons Says

Choose a leader to stand in front of the players. The leader will shout commands like “Simon says, sit down!”, “Simon says turn around!” and the rest of the group should mimic the leader’s command, if and only if, the leader utter the words ‘Simon says’ because if not, and the players still mimic the command, they will be out of the game, and the remaining child wins.

Trivia Questions

Form 2 groups among the players. Ask them questions regarding anything that is related to the birthday celebrant or the party. Monitor which team answers correctly and the team who has the most number of right answers win.

Your kid’s birthday in Abu Dhabi will be less stressful and more fun if you celebrate it with us. Allow us to give your child a memorable birthday party of his/her life.




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