Setting Up Your BBQ Area in Abu Dhabi

bbq area abu dhabi

Setting Up Your BBQ Area in Abu Dhabi

Who doesn’t love BBQ? Summer is almost near and we are in the store for a lot of BBQ parties with our family and friends soon. Some restaurants like us, 1868 Restaurant Café, and Gallery, provide BBQ area in Abu Dhabi dedicated for you to have BBQ parties with your loved ones.

We, 1868 Restaurant, Café, and Gallery, are a lot of things rolled into one – this is what makes us unique. We are a café, from where you can have coffee in, a gallery, surrounded with lots of artworks from Emirati and regional artists, and a restaurant that serves sumptuous meals for you and your family. We also conduct workshops and that can add knowledge and skills to your children. We also offer other services like birthdays/parties and a dedicated BBQ area in Khalifa City – which can make your gatherings more fun and less stressful. We do our best to serve you well and we know what you need. We will attend to all your requirements and guarantee that you will enjoy your stay with us at 1868 Restaurant, Café, and Gallery.

Moreover, we will discuss some simple ways for you to do, if you want to have your own BBQ area in Abu Dhabi or in your home:


First off, you will need:



Chimney Starter

Long-handled Thongs


Long-handled Brush

Grill Light

Paper Towels

Garbage Can

Fire Extinguisher

Second, you need to decide where you will put the grill. It is advisable to situate it near the kitchen as much as possible, with its own power and running water as well. In this way, you can come and go the kitchen as easily and as quickly as you need.

You need to consider, however, the flooring ( if it is leveled ) and the wind direction, because if both are not right, you will have a hard time starting the fire and also the grill will be slanted.

Third, you might want to add a dining set somewhere in your lawn. You will need a place to eat your BBQ, so, it’s better to dedicate a dining set outside as well, instead of going in and out of the house when getting a BBQ. And besides, in this way, you will have a place for your visitors to settle in, in case you want to invite people to come over. They won’t fit inside your dining area, so might as well put another dining area outside.

And from this, you can add decorations like pillows, lights ( whenever you want to have the BBQ party at night ), roof ( for when it is hot outside ), lanterns, or anything that you want to put. What’s important is, you will keep it clean and orderly without exposing the materials you used.

BBQ parties are fun and can be a good time to have a memorable moment with your family and friends. Whenever you want to have this, come to 1868 Restaurant, Café, and Gallery, and we can prepare our BBQ area in Abu Dhabi for you.



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