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Message from the founder
Hello and welcome to the Language Club. I am Marisol Vasquez, translator, linguist, entrepreneur, mother of three teens and pilot’s wife. I am passionate about everything, especially things related to language. Language is our gate to the world; it is the way to connect with others and access their heart and mind. I am privileged to be able to understand six languages; it has allowed me to evolve around many cultures and understand how people think and communicate. I was introduced to French, my second language, when I was seven years old. It happened at the airport in Montreal, Canada, when I emigrated from Colombia with my family. Then came English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and some German, and now I have the opportunity to learn Arabic in beautiful Abu Dhabi.
I created the Language Club because I want to share this privilege with you and give you the chance to improve your language skills and make your language learning more fun and efficient.
The Language Club
The Language Club is a free initiative aimed at helping language learners to practise their language skills in a friendly and fun environment through dynamic activities and workshops. It is also a place for people to learn, socialize and make friends. At the moment, we have eight active language exchanges including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, Portuguese and Russian. Our motto is: “When you learn, teach!” Our members are there to learn as well as to teach others. We also have many volunteer teachers, especially in English and Arabic, which are our most requested languages.
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- Sunday:

English - Russian Language Exchange

- Monday:

English - French - Italian Language Exchanges

- Tuesday:

English - Spanish - Portuguese - German Language Exchanges

- Thursday:

Conversational Arabic lesson

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